i bow to each and every one of you

“Thank you for the thoughtful, soulful yoga classes you teach. Thank you for bringing your wonderful spirit and creativity to every yoga class.”—Belinda T

“Thanks for having such meaningful yoga classes.”

“We are so fortunate to have you and YogaRoots right here in little old Racine. I count you as one of my blessings most Saturday mornings. Thank you for being you and making yoga practice so meaningful.”—Carole P

“Words seem so trite to explain how perfect your presence is to me this week. You have a beautiful spirit, a kind and loving heart and an incredible feminine strength. With so much gratitude for your delicious meals, our insightful conversations and your healing presence. I am so blessed to have met you! With gratitude, much love and happiness.” —Judie

“Thank you for teaching me some yoga moves. The one that I really love is the children pose. I like it the most because you can do almost everything at home with it. I like them all but this one I really love. I really want to be in your yoga class and if i can’t be in your yoga class i just want to do yoga everyday after school. I really love yoga now!!! :)" —Michaiah

“Yoga has been profoundly essential to me this past year. Thanks for being part of my journey. Namaste.”  —Brian L

“Thank you for doing such a beautiful job on Shannon and Aarons wedding. The food looked so fresh and organic and we received many compliments on it. The spread was everything Shannon envisioned and it definitely added to the evenings success. I just wish i Had known that you were in the kitchen sooner….Please know how much i appreciate the wonderful job you did for my daughters big day.”  —Emily M

“You really know how to party! The food was wonderful–thanks to you the tips and recipes and the dressing sample. The location and weather were ideal. I’m so happy i was able to join the group. Looking forward to the last session”. —Susan B

always a student of yoga. as i teach, i learn.